Lazy Bee Scripts is largely a Microsoft shop.  (That’s shop as in “workshop” – we use Microsoft tools – not shop as in somewhere that sells Microsoft products.)
This is largely a matter of pragmatism rather than tribal loyalty.  Indeed, whilst we use PCs and Windows in the office, some of our freelance staff use Macs, and some of the Windows users work with OpenOffice.

Another major piece of software we use is Sibelius, used for creating or, in our case, editing, musical scores.  Again, a pragmatic choice.

The point of saying all this is that sometimes this blog will be used to comment on our experiences with particular pieces of software – either in the form of tips for users or screaming rants at the frustrations that we all encounter from time to time.

Sibelius Tips
Numbering Verses
Using the Panorama view to align lyrics
Getting rid of leading rests from a pick-up bar (anacrusis)
Rachmaninov Surgery (applies to all composition tools, not just Sibelius)

Microsoft Word
Word makes things up (a frustrated, but rather nerdy, rant)
Microsoft Bloat: this simple trick will help you shrink bloated Word documents

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