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The Interview Challenge

When I previously mentioned being interviewed by Rah Petherbridge after the 2014 Cambridge Theatre Challenge, I forgot one of the most embarrassing things about the interview.  It’s now up on-line to remind me…

The question that ambushed me was the one about publishing the previous winning scripts.  The only one I could remember was Brief Encounters by Mark Robberts from the 2012 challenge – and even then I couldn’t remember the title or the author’s first name (though I could have described the plot in some detail).  To add to the ignominy, between the recording and the posting on-line, Mark’s script has been withdrawn.  I hasten to add that this was without complaint on either part; Mark’s other works are published elsewhere and he felt (correctly) that it was better to have all his works in one place as it makes him appear a more complete writer.

The reason I couldn’t remember the scripts we had published from amongst the 2013 winners was that I didn’t get to see the 2013 finalists in performance – and a show always sticks in the memory better than a reading copy.  So, for completeness, herewith a list of the scripts we have published from the competition:-

 2013 Finalists

For The Greater Good by Aviva Phillip-Muller
Missing by Sue Bevan
Daily Habits Mask Pain by Mildred Inez Lewis
Niagara 1952 by Alan Barkley

2014 Finalists

That’s Amore by Arnold Kane
The Proposition by Brian Coyle
Nightwalking by Frank Canino
Baking Bread by Ashley Harris
Politically Correct by Jennifer Marie Sancho
A Darker Shade Of Closure by Richard Charles
Up In The Air by Catherine Comfort
In a League of His Own by Mark Griffin

You can read them all in full on the Lazy Bee Scripts web site (that’s where the links go) and videos of the winning performances can be found via YouTube or the website of the competition which has now been renamed The British Theatre Challenge (even though it is open to entrants from outside the United Kingdom – as witness the previous winners).

While you’re on that site, you might also consider putting your own script forward for the 2015 competition; open for entries until the end of March.