Judging a Book by its Cover

Shah Jahan by D L Roy in English Translation by Subrata DasWe’re not big on cover art.  Lazy Bee Scripts is a publisher of plays not of books.  Our intention is to provide practical editions which will be treated in the way that actors treat all scripts: they will be used in rehearsal, scribbled on, folded, stuffed into pockets, sat on and hurled across the stage.  (The last one usually by the director who insisted on books down at the last-but-one rehearsal.)  We’ll use cover art where it’s available but it’s not a major part of the play.  (In our view, the major selling point of a stage play is the script.)  The idea is to deliver a stage work, not something that looks good on a bookshelf or a coffee table.

Subrata Das took a different view for his English translation and adaptation of D L Roy’s Shah Jahan.  The play is an epic tale of the Murghal emperor (the one who created the Taj Mahal in memory of his wife) and the power struggle with his sons.  Subrata wanted a souvenir edition of the script to go on sale at the premier production in Boston, Massachusetts.  Consequently, we supplied the layout and Subrata added a cover and got the souvenir edition printed and bound.  He sent me one in the post.  I think it looks rather good.  Nevertheless, we’re still offering just our usual practical edition.


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